Two new appointments to the board and two further appointments to the senior management team

Board Members

In June 2021, Tynwald approved the appointment of Jo Hill and Lucy McClements for a term of five years to the Board of IOMFSA.

A link to the current board composition and biographies can be found here.

Executive Team

The IOMFSA have announced the creation of two new roles within the senior management team of the Authority.

Ros Lynch is appointed as Head of Supervisory Practices and Innovation Strategy.

Ros will primarily focus on the tools available to the Authorities staff and their collaboration with industry and other stakeholders to enhance the Authority’s processes to address innovative regulatory opportunities.

Ros will also lead the Authority’s engagement with other agencies and will be assisted in this work by her team as well as their cross-divisional innovation working group.

Ron Dicks has recently joined the IOMFSA in the newly created role of Head of Fiduciaries with effect from 8 July 2021.

A link to the source article can be found here.