Main message lost as focus drifted to video doorbells.

At the end of February, the Information Commissioner’s Office published a “Call to Action” on its website regarding registration.  The main focus of that item, i.e. the need for businesses processing personal data to register, has been lost in the flurry of commentary (and a question in the House of Keys) about video doorbells!

Information about your clients is ‘personal data’ and is the lifeblood of your business.  Data protection legislation applies to the use of that ‘personal data’ and businesses must comply with that law in the same way as any other laws, including employment, licensing, health and safety, etc..

Registration is a small administrative task amidst the main data protection compliance requirements.

Whilst the High Court can impose a fine for non-registration, enforcement action can be taken by the Information Commissioner for non-compliance with other data protection obligations.

The Information Commissioner’s Office article can be read here

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