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It is all happening at the JFSC in the last quarter of the year

The Head of Policy at the JFSC explains in two videos the forthcoming legislative schedule for the last quarter of 2021.

In terms of revisions to policies, guidance and other updates Jersey entities should prepare to engage with the JFSC on:

  • Providing enhanced guidance on fiduciary duties for investment businesses
  • Updating our outsourcing policy in response to Industry feedback
  • Supporting the establishment of the Jersey Resolution Authority
  • Introducing consistent criminality checks for Schedule 2 businesses

Consultations will be issued on the following topics:

  • Consulting on a consolidated AML/CFT handbook including updated guidance on E-ID
  • Consultation on reducing the range of exemptions from AML/CFT oversight
  • Consultation on a regulatory regime for virtual assets and their service providers (VASPs) and money or value transfer services (MVTS)
  • Consultation on pensions legislation

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