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By Nicola Whiting - Senior Data Protection Compliance Specialist

Privacy notice vs Privacy policy

A question we often get asked is ‘So what is the difference between a Privacy Notice and a Privacy Policy? Are they interchangeable?’

The easy answer is, no they are very different documents, but let’s not get too hung up on this.

Privacy Notice

A privacy notice is an external facing document. It is the term generally given to the information that must be provided to individuals about the processing of their personal data. The information required, and when it must be given, is specified in the law. It must be concise, transparent, clear and intelligible and is the external demonstration of transparency and accountability.

This is also variously called a ‘data protection notice’, ‘transparency information’ or, if you’ve been in data protection for more than 6 years, ‘fair processing’!
Whatever you call it, it is important that you do it…

Privacy Policy

Although the term ‘Privacy Policy’ is often used in place of a ‘Privacy Notice’, just like other policies, it is an internal document consisting of the general statement, or set or ideas or plan of what to do in particular situations that has been agreed to officially by organisation. A good Privacy Policy:

  • stems from strategic business planning for data protection and information governance, which the highest level of management endorses;
  • covers data protection, records management and information security;
  • is supported by operational procedures, guidance and manuals readily available, and which provide direction, to operational staff;
  • clearly outlines roles and responsibilities.

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