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There are no longer two certainties in life.  To the short list of death and taxes we can now add increasingly complex regulation.

Having a full time experienced compliance officer and staff can alleviate the compliance burden on the business and provide much needed assurance to the board that the company’s processes and procedures meet the regulatory obligations of the company.  However, many businesses may not have the resources required to maintain and train this resource in house.

Fortunately, Rowany Solutions have an answer designed for those businesses which require a pro-active approach to compliance risk management but do not have dedicated compliance resources on the payroll.  Our solutions ensure that you and your staff can concentrate on the business of serving your customers secure in the knowledge that the compliance expertise required is on hand to provide advice as required.

Introducing the Rowany Virtual Compliance Support.

We can provide experts in AML/CFT, regulation, financial services and audit.   This expertise is available to your business through our programmes of Virtual Compliance Support.

We can help you ensure that your business meets its regulatory obligations whilst you and your staff focus on running other aspects of your business.

The Rowany Virtual Compliance Support offer three escalating programmes designed to meet the unique needs of your business. If our standard Virtual Compliance Support service options don’t quite work for you, talk to us about customising a package to suit your business needs.


  • Monthly sector specific legislative and regulatory updates tailored for your business
  • Compliance on call – the ability to ring or email us and ask any questions regarding compliance and best practice


  • Essentials programme of support plus …
  • Review of AML/CFT business and technological risk assessments
  • Review of AML/CFT client risk assessment methodology
  • Annual review of AML/CFT policies and procedures
  • AML/CFT compliance programme management


  • Intermediate programme plus …
  • Develop and maintain the AML/CFT business and technological risk assessments
  • Develop and maintain the AML/CFT client risk assessment framework
  • Develop and maintain the AML/CFT policies and procedures
  • AML/CFT compliance monitoring
  • Para 30(1) monitoring of controls
  • Para 30(2) report to board
  • Bespoke AML/CFT staff training tailored to your business needs

Optional add-ons

The Financial Services Rule Book, the Corporate Governance Code and client money reviews are not included as part of the monthly compliance package however, can be provided by Rowany Solutions for a separate fee.

We can also provide guidance and templates to the business’ compliance officer. Separate fees apply for providing these templates.

Our consulting service allows companies to have expert compliance support at their fingertips.

For further information please contact Francesca on 200740 or

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