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Every entity, irrespective of size, will process information about living individuals (‘personal data’), including employees, customers, clients, the public. Those individuals, and their personal data, are often fundamental to the operation of the entity and, as such, are valuable business assets.

Data protection law balances legitimate and necessary business uses of personal data with the rights and expectations of the individuals concerned through an accountability framework of principles, rights, and obligations.

Whilst good data protection practice can improve trust in the entity, streamline processes and save money, poor practice can lead to loss of business, loss of trust, reputational damage, enforcement action, penalties, and civil claims.

Although compliance with data protection law is a legal requirement, there is also a clear, strategic imperative in adopting good data protection practice and enhancing the trust of individuals through compliant, secure, legitimate, and ethical use of their personal data.

Rowany Solutions Limited can support your business in understanding, and complying with, its data protection obligations, making it relevant and do-able through a range of services and packages, which include:

• Training;

• Data protection assistance packages;

• Data Protection Officer packages; and

• Ad-hoc services.

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