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“No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.”  

Article 12 Universal Declaration of Human Rights 

Four out of the top ten Fortune 500 companies deal mainly in data. 

Today, personal data is a valuable commodity and even the smallest business will process the personal information of individuals.  Never has the case for evaluating your level of GDPR compliance been stronger.

As the weight of data processing has exponentially increased so has the regulatory requirements protecting the rights of the individuals whose data is being marketed; data protection law is no longer the poor relation of legislation. 

The need for businesses to take stock of their level of GDPR compliance, and where required, to take corrective action is underpinned by the enforcement actions and penalties imposed by the supervisory authority on both the private and public sectors.

Rowany Solutions Limited can support your organisation in achieving the highest level of data protection compliance by providing expert advice both remotely and in house. 

We can help you ensure that your business meets its regulatory obligations whilst you and your staff focus on running other aspects of your business. 

Our outsourced Data Protection Officer service offers three levels of support designed to meet the unique needs of your business.  

GDPR Essentials GDPR Intermediate GDPR Enterprise 
GDPR Essentials plus ….GDPR Intermediate plus …. 
  • Appointed Data Protection Officer 


  • Annual review of DP Policies and Procedures framework
  • Support on practical operations, like personnel training, supporting the creation and maintenance of the data inventory and records of processing activities
  • Quarterly GDPR updates, including our view of the latest news from the IOM and UK Information Commissioners, as well as wider developments in data protection legislation which may have a bearing on the Island. 
  • The GDPR evaluation workshop to assess current compliance level
  • Building and maintaining policies and procedures framework, and planning processes 
  • Compliance on call – our GDPR experts on call to respond to your GDPR compliance queries
  • Working with Senior Management in creating and managing a risk focused GDPR compliance programme
  • Provides advice on conducting DPIA’s, including managing and co-ordinating up to three DPIA workshops with subject matter experts each year.
  • Delivery of an annual training to the senior management team and separately the whole workforce


  • Co-operates with and act as a contact point for supervisory authorities
  • Undertaking compliance testing and reporting in accordance with the programme of work
  • Prepare and, if required, present annual compliance report to the board or senior management team 

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