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Jane Lasonder: An Inspirational Speaker at European Assembly at ACAMS

The whole auditorium was on their feet to show their support and admiration for the strength, bravery and downright inspiration that is Jane Lasonder.

Jane was there to remind us all that AML isn’t about a passport or utility bill, it isn’t about data, risks, regulations or compliance. We do what we do because every crime has a victim. We do what we do because we all want to live in a safer world.

Jane spent her whole childhood being sold for sex by her step father in UK suburbia. She has spent her adulthood, in her words, being the voice for those in darkness who cannot talk for themselves. I encourage you to take a look at Jane’s linked in profile and read her story.

In our training we try to get over the human angle of what we do. We talk of proceeds of crime but too often we forget the devastating human consequence of those criminal acts.

Whether it’s the opiate addicted pregnant mother, the grandma who has had her life savings ‘swiped’ from her account, the bank account manager who succumbed to romance fraud, your neighbours child who is being sold to paedophiles, the Syrian doctor who is paying thousands of Euros to be smuggled into the UK, who loses his brother to the cold and unforgiving waves of the English Channel, the loss of another species to the world because of the ‘medicinal qualities’ contained in the ivory. And I can go on and on.

Whatever the crime, there is a victim. Sometimes I think we forget this. We talk about money mules without considering that each mule is a person who is being threatened with the life of their mother, sister, brother, child, partner etc.... We talk of county lines without understanding that we are talking of a child that is being groomed from the age of 8 to deal in drugs, we talk of sex workers without contemplating that they were kidnapped as children, trafficked across borders and sold into the sex trade.

We have to remember there is a human side to the work we do. This is perhaps the most important aspect of our work and one we too often forget.
We talk about regulatory compliance and client due diligence, data analytics, numbers of suspicious activity reports and breaches and all of this is important, but for me, I do what I do, because if I can contribute in just a small way to blocking the money before it leaves grandmas account, or disrupt the supply chain of heroin, or identify that my neighbour is living beyond his means, seize and confiscate the payments for smuggling humans across borders which are sitting in the aggregator account or prevent the sale of dual use goods headed for Russia, then I can put down my pen, pour myself a gin and tonic, and say that I did good. It was worth it. The cost, expense of the compliance frameworks are worth it when you put what we do into perspective.

One life saved is worth it.

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