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“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.” – Henry Ford  

Most of our clients recognise that their staff are their most valuable asset. It’s a truism but happy staff generally make for happy clients. 

Research has shown that investing in your staff is one of the smartest business decisions you can make.

Compliance training shouldn’t be done just to meet a regulatory requirement and people should not attend seminars simply to gain CPD hours. Life is way too short for that. 

Our aim is to challenge, inspire and educate our client and as part of this, we will try to meet our objective of ‘bringing compliance to life’.

Bespoke training designed around your business

Here at Rowany we fundamentally believe that the best way to deliver training is to make it relevant to the day to day activities of your management and staff.

Bringing compliance to life means translating the dull ‘legal speak’ and putting it into context.  What does that mean to your business, your clients, risks, products and services and ultimately your bottom line.

We are on a mission to bring AML/CFT and compliance risk considerations into our everyday thoughts and actions and help empower your management and staff to make risk based decisions which are aligned with the corporate policies and objectives of your business.

Our mentoring programmes of support

As staff develop in an organisation they will naturally take on more responsibility as they progress.  The time may arrive where the next step in that natural progression would be to assume a controlled function.

Appendix 1D of the regulatory guidance on fitness and propriety  sets out the expectations of the IOMFSA when companies propose staff into the role of a controlled function for the first time, stating that developing staff ‘should be given responsibility on a staged basis and with appropriate induction and mentoring until that individual can demonstrate their experience within the role’.

Larger firms will likely be able to provide this mentoring programme of support in-house. However, this course of action may not be available to the smaller firm with the resultant effect of driving talented individuals seeking progression into the waiting arms of the larger competitor.

Rowany Solutions can now provide you with an answer which enables you to nurture and develop your talent whilst ensuring that you have experienced experts on hand to provide the necessary mentoring and training to the future leaders of your business as they take their first step into roles with regulatory responsibility.

Specialist interactive courses and seminars

Every single one of our courses are developed with our objective of ‘bringing compliance to life’ in mind and because we believe that learning is most efficiently achieved in an interactive environment with participants being encouraged to ask questions to support their understanding, we deliver all our courses in a seminar format to a strictly limited number of delegates.

We can deliver our seminars in our Hope Street office or if you prefer, we can deliver them at your own offices with only your staff in attendance.

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